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Q: Which version do you play?
A: i have access to all gens through 3-most recent, but my favorite games are pla and the gen v titles. i also really like the spinoff games! ^^

Q: The first Pokémon you picked?
A: charmander in frlg, back before i even knew how to read wwwwwwww

Q: How long have you been playing?
A: i thi-i-ink 2003 or 2004? i was too young to remember exactly when i was given my red gba sp, all i know is it was after i lost a baby tooth and i couldn't read yet, so... quite a while ago, i'd say!

Q: Are you male or female?
A: what does it matter?
(any pronouns ok, and you can call me shadow if you want? or if you know me elsewise, call me by the name you know!)

Q: What is your hobby?
A: i draw, listen to music, watch yt, and i can't pry myself away from pokemon no matter how many years its been. i also have pet cats, pet shrimp, play d&d, and once in a blue moon i'll even watch anime!

Q: What is your job?
A: (nervous laughter)

Q: Which do you prefer, battles or trades?
A: contests!!!!!! catching!!!!!!! who cares about the meta use whatever pokemon you like!!!!!!!!

Q: What is your favorite kind of Pokémon?
A: it's kind of hard to narrow it down to just 'cute' or just 'cool' or just 'strange'... i just click with certain designs... if it helps, shiny zubat is one of my all-time favorites, alongside shiny jolteon!

Q: What is your favorite Pokémon type?
A: umm... dragon! no wait, bug! no wait, wait--

Q: Where do people prefer to live?
A: i prefer the city... it's kind of noisy, but there are so many different people, and you have actual sidewalks to walk on

Q: Which one do you wish you had more of?
A: i think the answers gen v lets you say for this are 'time' or 'money', right? both are important, but if i had extra time, i could get scheduled more hours and get paid more... win-win?

Q: What's most important to you?
A: family and friends are very important to me.

Q: Which partner would you choose?
A: i'm pretty sure my partner fits the 'smart' option best!

Q: What do you value more in a person?
A: geez!! i don't remember the gen v questions being this nosy!! but 'substance' is most important. be as pretty as you want but if you're a jerk then i'm gonna hate ya wwwww

Q: What type of person do you like?
A: 'fun', 'cool', 'kind'... 'rich'? i like fun and kind people- i'm a bit of a nerd already, so i've no room to judge on the cool department, really!

Q: What is your favorite season?
A: autumn, easily

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: these are just the in-game berry flavors minus dry wwww... i guess sweet and a bit of sour? tart, like candy. if i could pick other flavors, salty foods are best

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: too many!! too too too many!!

Q: In the future, would you like to be...
A: smarter and more worldly, i think.

Q: Are you a dreamer or a realist?
A: it depends on the mood, since it's more optimism vs pessimism to me

Q: What do you want to work hard at?
A: i know i'm at the point in my life where career is most important, but i still want to focus on myself and my circle of those i care about. my hobbies may be childish, but there's no room to express that if i only ever think about work for the rest of my life.

Q: What is your favorite music?
A: i have a hard time with understanding genre differences, but i guess rock is a safe bet?

Q: What is your favorite kind of TV program?
A: news is important, but i like documentaries a lot when it comes to programs on tv.

Q: What is your favorite kind of movie?
A: adventure? i don't think that's a main genre, but i enjoy narratives.

Q: What is your favorite time in school?
A: classes can be stressful and boring, but having a schedule helped a lot

Q: What is your favorite school subject?
A: the sciences were always my favorites, biology and chemistry especially!!

Q: What is your weakest subject?
A: languages were always hard, and i struggled with physics, and remembering dates in history...

Q: Where would you go with a time machine?
A: i don't really think i'd use it... even if you change the past without blowing up the universe, you'd still remember everything that's bad, and skipping ahead in time is missing out on the present!

Q: What would you do with magic?
A: teleport! finally, no more long commutes! talk to animals! finally, i can listen to my cats gossip! learn anything super fast! finally, more skills to put on my resume--

Q: What would you do with lots of money?
A: save or invest a chunk of it so i don't run out, spend some on myself to get rid of debts and help those i care about, donate some to causes i believe in, but otherwise try to keep living humbly so i don't get bored and become a neet

Q: Where would you like to go for fun?
A: i'd like to hike in the forest, what with the original gen v answers all being places in nature ^^

Q: How do you play with your friends?
A: i like to play together in co-op!

Q: What do you do on holidays?
A: sleep in like crazy, go out to eat at restaurants, hang out with family, stay up really really late

Q: What is your favorite sport?
A: hockey!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: What kinds of games do you like?
A: rpg or adventure games ^^

Q: What do you think the most fun part of Pokémon is?
A: the story and characters and world, i wish i could live there!

Q: What would you want to become?
A: a trainer, probably, but i don't think i'd want to be a champion.

Q: How long have you played Pokémon?
A: ehhh??? didn't i answer this earlier-
-oh, the earlier question was about individual gametime, not how long you've been a fan, i see...
i guess i'd say, outside of guessing the number like earlier, i've played it long enough where it's affected the person i grew up to be and still want to become. it helped nudge me into being interested in nature and pets, generally having a compassion for life and the people i meet, and i went to higher education thinking i'd get a phd and become a professor... my goals changed from that, but the influence is still there. i'm in the weird 'middle-stage evo' part of my life where i know what i want to be, but haven't gotten there yet. it's discouraging to see i still have a long way to go and continue to stumble awkwardly through life, but i remind myself that i've come so far from humble beginnings and to keep trying.
... last question.

Q: Who is your favorite Gym Leader?
A: i think roark is my type

passerby survey over!
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