log 1
06 . 18 . 2023

not much was done on the shiny-hunting side of things today. it's just been getting the site up. debating on if i should include my older shinies on this site, or start anew. probably the later, my main pla file has wayyy too many shinies wwwwww

we ended up going out as we're visiting family later today. i brought my switch with me so i could tune out any arguments if needed, made a new profile so i could restart pla too. deciding what to shinyhunt... i might try to do something of a route- or badgequest? no shiny starter, so i may as well hop to it right away and fill out research tasks to sweeten the odds, right?

going to rest now- it's been an exceedingly long day. so far, no shiny pokemon. i'm trying to steamroll through research to increase the odds, as i refuse to allow wurmple guy to have a non-shiny one!